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David Cameron sets out in his EU Treaty strategy in article for The Times

By Tim Montgomerie
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David Cameron has an article in tomorrow's Times that expands on the TV interview he has given this evening. The basic message is that he'll seek safeguards for Britain from any move towards greater fiscal integration but he doesn't mention repatriation. The full article is here (£) but there are three key extracts:

A new fiscally responsible Eurozone is in Britain's interests: "One way of introducing stronger rules for the eurozone — which of course wouldn’t apply to Britain — would be a change in the treaty governing all 27 members of the European Union. This is the most comprehensive and credible way to provide tough sanctions to ensure that eurozone countries stick to the rules on debt."

There must be safeguards for Britain in return for fiscal integration of the 17: "If we are changing the treaty that applies to all EU countries and allowing the eurozone countries to have new rules, it is also important that there are rules to keep the single market fair and open for key industries for Britain, including financial services."

A long-term vision for a more competitive EU remains: "While this week’s summit will inevitably focus on the crisis in the eurozone, I am still committed to forging a new kind of Europe... I have spoken about a Europe that has the flexibility of a network, not the rigidity of a bloc. A Europe that looks beyond itself, with its eyes to the horizon, and recognises that it must change fundamentally or fall behind. A Europe that cherishes its national identities as a source of strength. That is the kind of Europe that is in Britain’s national interest and that is the kind of Europe I am determined to help to bring about."


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