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62% say Cameron was right to use the veto. Only 19% disagree.

By Tim Montgomerie
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Sunday at 10.45pm: A Populus poll for The Times (£) confirms public backing for David Cameron. It finds 57% support the PM's use of Britain's veto with only 14% against. Even 49% of Lib Dem voters support the PM.



There'll be happy faces inside Number 10 tonight.

A Survation poll in tomorrow's Mail on Sunday finds that 62% of voters think David Cameron was right to say no to the EU Treaty. Only 19% think he was wrong.

There'll be less happiness at briefing from aides to Clegg to the effect that David Cameron was guilty of poor negotiating tactics. This is what appears in tomorrow's Observer:

"One source said Clegg "couldn't believe it" when he was woken at 4am in his flat in Sheffield to be told that talks on how to save the euro at the Brussels summit had "spectacularly unravelled". Accusing Cameron of failing to play the diplomatic game effectively, the source added: "He could not believe that Cameron hadn't tried to play for more time. A menu of choices wasn't deployed as a negotiating tool but instead was presented as a take it or leave it ultimatum. That is not how he [Clegg] would have played Britain's hand.""


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