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"We'll get rid of him"; The words Patrick Mercer MP is claimed to have used against David Cameron

By Tim Montgomerie
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Screen shot 2011-11-13 at 08.52.46We reported the headline allegations last night but The People has now published the full text of what Patrick Mercer MP is alleged to have said about the Prime Minister. We repeat what we said then; Mr Mercer is denying the veracity of the account. The transcript below of Mr Mercer's alleged conversation with a guest at a party was recorded on an iPhone. The suggestion is that the recording is of poor quality and therefore the transcript is contestable.

Whatever the truth the whole episode is further warning to everyone in public life that there isn't such a thing as a private conversation.


MERCER: I’ve only made three speeches today. The first one in rather faux support for the Home Secretary who I assume will not be the Home Secretary by Friday. If the Prime Minister expresses his utmost confidence in you that means pack your bags. It always has done ­especially with Cameron. What a creature!

GUEST: You don’t rate him?

MERCER: No, I think he’s the worst politician in British history since William Gladstone.

GUEST: What about Gordon Brown?

MERCER: At least Gordon was ­human. Gordon had all sorts of errors, frailties – but at least he was human.

GUEST: Where did David go wrong?

MERCER: Well, he was born.

GUEST: You can’t say things like that.

MERCER: Yeah I can. He’s a most despicable creature without any real redeeming features. If I can think of one ... he’s very rich, how’s that? That’s a redeeming feature.

GUEST: He’s in a terrible situation, the poor guy.

MERCER: And he’s making it worse.

GUEST: Well what are his side going to do about him.

MERCER: We’ll sack him.

GUEST: You reckon?

MERCER: We’ll get rid of him.

GUEST: Well who’s going to take his place.

MERCER: Well if I don’t kill him, then I probably will out of fun – and show the country how really badly it can be run. I’ve never, ever come across anyone less suited to the job in my life. I would take a beggar off the streets and put him in that position rather than have Cameron. I loathe him.

GUEST: What’s he done to you?

MERCER: His utter arrogance. His inability to make a sensible decision. Why are our soldiers dying in Afghanistan. Tell me why? Broadly, our soldiers are in Afghanistan and Pakistan so the ­countries don’t fall to bits. If you want to insult Pakistan as the Prime Minister and you do it from Indian territory how clever is that? He does it in New Delhi. That was bad.

GUEST: The Tories did back Labour on Afghanistan.

MERCER: We shouldn’t have backed them at all... I never, ever talk politics. I just told you Cameron was an arse. That’s a matter of fact, not politics.

GUEST: Are you going to launch a coup?

MERCER: We will do, but not yet. He’ll go in the Spring. He’ll resign in the Spring.

GUEST: What do you make of Berlusconi?

MERCER: Well, Berlusconi has got character. Berlusconi has got chutzpa. He’s probably an awful fool but he’s a character. Cameron is not a character."



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