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Boris and the Government at odds (again) as he calls for the break-up of the Euro

By Paul Goodman
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This morning, Boris Johnson writes in his Daily Telegraph column:

"The whole European enterprise is now devoted to keeping the euro alive on the utterly specious grounds that the currency is synonymous with “Europe”. We are nailing shut the exits of William Hague’s famous burning building. British taxpayers going to be shelling out ever more in bail-out dosh, much of which will ultimately go to banks and bankers’ bonuses. And all the while the southern EU members will be put on ever tougher austerity regimes that frankly don’t suit their needs. No matter how hard I diet, I won’t look like a championship athlete. The Greeks can’t become Germans, and it is brutal to force them to try."

The London Mayor called for a referendum on the EU during party conference.  Now he goes further than simply saying that Greece should leave the Euro: he applies his argument to "southern EU members".

Another piece by Boris that will please the Telegraph's readers.  Another challenge to David Cameron on policy.  Another reminder of the Mayor's long Euro-sceptic record as a columnist - pitched fair and square at party activists.

P.S: I thought Hague's burning building doesn't have any exits.


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