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7/10 Tests for the Autumn Statement: Will Osborne address the €uro issue?

By Tim Montgomerie
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Over at the Daily Mail Tim Shipman looks forward to a Boris V George leadership race and notes that the Chancellor is never likely to be as popular as London's Mayor with the public. Osborne's followers hope, however, that people will come to respect his economic stewardship even if they'll never love him. One of Osborne's vulnerabilities with Tory activists is the position he's staked out on the European crisis. He recently raised spirits with a speech attacking the idea of a Tobin tax but, unlike Boris, he's looked eager to (a) save the €uro and (b) has supported fiscal union. Boris has rightly questioned both ambitions. Neither are in Britain's interests. Rumours are now flying - and I have good reason for believing that they are true - that Osborne is backtracking from both positions. He can't publicly say so tomorrow but a strong message on how Britain is preparing for the possibility of the €uro's demise would communicate that his thinking has moved on. We need to believe we have a Chancellor who is on the right side of the great economic and political question of our time.

> Test eight at 4.30pm: Will Osborne say anything about the family?


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