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The ConservativeHome Daily newspaper is now online and ready for you to read

By Tim Montgomerie
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With apologies for the delay but we've now uploaded copies of the ConHome conference newspaper. Here are some of the highlights of each edition:

  • In edition one we reveal that just 4,000 of the nearly 12,000 people attending conference are party members. The rest are lobbyists, NGOs and the media. Conference has simply become too expensive for ordinary members with the average cost equalling a whopping £722. Also in this first edition the ConHome team previews the whole conference and we look to the challenge of winning back women voters.  
  • In edition two we lead on an opinion poll that shows that 74% of Tory members want a vote on Britain's membership of Europe. There's a double page spread on international development. Bruce Anderson concludes that Ed Miliband is the worst Labour leader since Michael Foot and Cameron should ignore him in his speech and talk to the nation. Iain Martin's brilliant conference diary makes a second appearance.
  • In edition three you can read about Boris Johnson's music hall-style rallying cry to a ConHome gathering. There's also a poll of Tory members on the initiatives likeliest to win the next election for the Conservatives and Stephan Shakespeare writes about a YouGov poll and its finding that voters still want change across government. In his column Anthony Browne believes the Conservatives are starting to show signs of planning for a victory in 2015.

Final edition tomorrow and then some sleep for an exhausted ConservativeHome team.

Wednesday morning update: Here is the final edition.


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