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The 81 rebels are vindicated as Cameron and Osborne change gear on Europe... at least for now

By Tim Montgomerie
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ClippingsThe Times (£) and Telegraph report that Whitehall officials are urgently reviewing the scope of Britain's EU membership.

The Daily Mail covers George Osborne's vow to "rebalance" Britain's relationship with the EU.

The Express reports Cameron's promise to repel the EU's "constant attacks" on Britain's financial services industry.

Just five days after 81 Tory MPs rebelled and called for a referendum on Britain's future relationship with Europe it now seems that David Cameron's whole attitude has changed. It remains to be seen whether it has changed for good. The Prime Minister is adept at launching initiatives but not so good at seeing them through. After the summer's riots, for example, there were huge opportunities to turbo-charge the government's social policies and Cameron gave a big speech promising to do so. Today we have what will be a popular initiative to fine welfare claimants a third of their benefits - if they riot - but there has been no step change in, for example, family policy, early intervention or urban regeneration.

Time will tell if Cameron's new focus on Europe is a permanent change but the 81 Tory rebels have certainly succeeded, for now, in putting the issue at the top of the Prime Minister's priorities.


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