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Ken Clarke should be sacked for his renewed attack on Theresa May

By Tim Montgomerie
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"Justice Secretary Ken Clarke ramped up the war of words with Home Secretary Theresa May today by accusing her of using "laughable and childlike" examples to criticise the Human Rights Act."

So reports The Independent. Whatever the accuracy of Theresa May's remarks (and the Mail splash backs her this morning) a Cabinet minister should never publicly attack a colleague.

Ken Clarke has never been a team player but this week's public and high octane attacks on the Home Secretary are unacceptable. Since the election the Justice Secretary has been a constant source of trouble. He has objected to reform of human rights laws, attempted to erode Michael Howard's historically successful prison policies and caused a public uproar over insensitive remarks about rape.

He should be sacked at the earliest opportunity.

> Anthony Browne today: Lies and truths about the Human Rights Act.


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