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Help us draw up a list of things that are wrong with the EU...

By Tim Montgomerie
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I'm preparing to conduct an opinion poll to test reasons why people most object to the EU and European courts. What's missing from my list?

  1. Britain pays a lot more into the EU than it gets out.
  2. The EU budget keeps going up while UK budgets are being cut.
  3. The high wages and expenses of Members of the European Parliament.
  4. EU red tape that hurts UK business.
  5. Open borders with the EU that mean the British Parliament cannot control immigration.
  6. The way the Common Fisheries Policy has hurt the British fishing industry.
  7. Higher food prices caused by the Common Agricultural Policy.
  8. The lack of democratic control of decisions taken by the European Union.
  9. We joined a common market but the EU has become a political project with too much power in the hands of bureaucrats.
  10. The EU accounts haven't been audited properly for many years.
  11. EU waste and corruption.
  12. An EU aid budget that often doesn't reach the poor and hungry.
  13. The economic problems created by the Eurozone.
  14. Britain's large trade deficit with the EU.
  15. The sense that Britain plays by the rules and implements EU laws but other EU countries do not.
  16. EU environmental and renewable energy policies that are leading to higher energy prices.
  17. European human rights laws.

The results of the poll could be an important tool in ensuring we focus on what the public least likes about the EU rather than what we least like about it. Thank you.


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