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BREAKING: Conservative leader backs immediate referendum

By Tim Montgomerie
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Goldie 470 PPB

Apologies to get you excited but when I say Conservative leader I mean our (outgoing) leader in Scotland, Annabel Goldie MSP and the referendum in question is on Scottish independence. Ms Goldie has just issued this statement:

"There are hundreds of thousands of Scots who do not support [Alex Salmond's] separatist agenda; it’s high time he let them express their views in a referendum. We need that referendum now. But whether it’s now or whether Salmond runs scared and it’s delayed, referendum there will be. And that referendum must have a clear question. Do you want to stay part of the United Kingdom? Yes or No. And no cop out option with a muddled or confusing question. I will never tire of making the case for Scotland in Britain. I will share a platform with all those who back this cause. It is bigger and more important than any one politician or any one political Party. I may be going as leader, but I will stay on in politics to fight for my country. So I say to everyone here today – Join me. Join me as we stand up and proclaim – we are one United Kingdom. Being for Britain is not being anti-Scottish. It is wanting and valuing the best of both worlds. Scottish and British and proud to be both - and nobody, nobody will take that away from me.”


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