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A news round-up of Theresa May and Ken Clarke's Conservative party conference speeches

By Joseph Willits 
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Screen shot 2011-10-04 at 15.35.17 Here is some of the press coverage following on from Theresa May and Ken Clarke's speeches to the Conservative party conference:

  • Theresa May's speech in full -
  • The Human Rights Act must go to restore "sanity" - Independent
  • May says immigration law will be "amended so that article eight of the human rights act - the right to a family life - could no longer be misconstrued" - Channel 4 News
  • Criminal migrants rights could be axed - BBC
  • Have we just taken one tiny step to restoring sanity to Britain’s borders? - Daily Mail
  • Right wing Conservatives thrown some "red meat" in May's speech - Sky News
  • David Blackburn describes the disagreements over the Human Rights Act as a "smokescreen" - Spectator
  • Theresa May set the tone at an otherwise subdued Tory conference for problems ahead on Europe - The Commentator
  • Reality Check: 'Can owning a cat be grounds for appeal against deportation? - Guardian
  • Live blogs from the speeches, and the rest of the conference - GuardianTimes (£) I Telegraph
  • Ken Clarke's speech in full -
  • Clarke says we must tackle a "feral underclass" and that prisons should be places of both retribution and reform - Telegraph
  • Sir Richard Branson backs government plans for more convicted criminals to be given jobs - BBC
  • 'Prison with a purpose - it's not rocket science' - Public Service

The Telegraph live blog has comment from Ken Clarke at one of their fringe events with Peter Oborne. Here are some of his comments:
  • Asked about May's speech on the Human Rights Act, Clarke says, ""Well, she was giving her opinion, and it's not my opinion, as it happens"
  • Clarke says that you have to remember the human rights of the offender: "You're going to deport some Somali who's been here since he was 5 years old... what about the human rights of his wife and children, who are going to lose their father?" 
  • Clarke also describes May as being "upset" about certain parts of the Human Rights Act, not the whole thing itself
  • Christopher Hope, Whitehall Editor, says Clarke's public rebuttal of May's speech is "astonishing."
  • Ken also doubts May's claims about someone not being deported for owning a cat


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