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The new ConservativeHome

By Tim Montgomerie
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Today sees the biggest changes to ConservativeHome for some time. There are cosmetic changes, changes to our structure and also some new contributors.

The biggest change is that we have a new set of regular columnists:

The columnists will, we hope, give more range to the daily ConHome experience. Although independent-minded, Danny Kruger, former speechwriter to the Prime Minister, and Bruce Anderson tend, for example, to be more Cameroonian in their worldview.

The pages represent the second biggest change. In coming days and months these pages will set out the kind of electoral manifesto and machine that can help deliver a Tory majority at the next election. This will be the start of a migration of ConHome from a website into a broader campaigning organisation. We begin today with a brief look at the 'After the Coalition' ideas of Boris Johnson, David Davis and a Gang of Five new Tory MPs.

Other changes:

Not every bug has been fixed in time for today. Please bear with us as we iron out some of these issues and, in particular, fill up the second and third columns with new content. Use the thread below to point out things that you like and don't like and we'll try and address these issues as the week progresses. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the new ConservativeHome!


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