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Rolling record of Tory Conference policy announcements

Our rolling blog of policy announcements continues with Party Conference now only a day away.

Saturday 1st October

  • David Cameron promises more corporation tax cuts in the Daily Mail.
  • He tells the same paper that a free urgent 111 care number is to be introduced to replace NHS direct - but desisgned to restore out of hours help.
  • In the Daily Telegraph, George Osborne says that that the law is to be changed so that workers will find it more difficult to sue their bosses
  • In the Daily Express, Francis Maude pledges a ban on taxpayer funding for Whitehall union reps
  • In the Mail again, Iain Duncan Smith pledges U.S.-style shock tactics to put young people off crime.
  • In the Guardian, Michael Gove proposes teaching foreign languages from age five.

Friday 30th September

  • Eric Pickles finds £250 million to encourage local authorities to move back to weekly bin collections. The Communities and Local Government Secretary writes exclusively for ConservativeHome about this commitment this morning.
  • Philip Hammond announces consultation that will should lead to an 80mph speed limit on motorways but also the increase in the number of 20mph zones in urban areas. The Independent has more.
  • I'm not sure if it's an announcement but a £1bn expansion of the use of electronic tagging for offenders is also widely reported in today's papers (including The Guardian).


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