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Tory members now oppose HiSpeed rail, want David Davis back at the top table and think Cameron was right on Libya

By Tim Montgomerie
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The latest ConHome survey of Tory members is featured prominently in this morning's Sunday Telegraph.

Here are a few highlights:

The big picture: 64% think the Coalition is still "overall" a good thing for the nation. That's down from 75% but still a clear majority.

Libya: 65% think Cameron did the right thing in intervening in Libya but oppose any British role in a peacekeeping force and oppose any intervention in Syria.

The countryside: Opinion among grassroots members has now moved against hi-speed rail with 56% now opposed. There's also suspicion about liberalising the planning laws to introduce a presumption in favour of development. 52% oppose this liberalisation with 45% in favour.

Climate change: In a league table of priorities for the Coalition fighting climate change is members' lowest priority:

Screen shot 2011-08-28 at 08.22.03

It is notable that protecting Britain's countryside is a much higher priority for members. I note in my Sunday Telegraph commentary that "the Tory grassroots are green when it comes to saving their local environment, but they don’t think that we can save the world when China and India are rapidly expanding their carbon footprints."

Yellow bast**ds: The Liberal Democrats get the blame for stopping things that the Conservative grassroots would most like to happen. Clear majorities blame Clegg's party for a lack of progress on human rights reform, EU repatriation, controlling immigration, cutting inheritance and the 50p taxes, and support for marriage:

Screen shot 2011-08-28 at 08.25.51

The Cabinet: The six people members would most like to see join the Cabinet are David Davis (62%), John Redwood (49%), Chris Grayling (25%), Damian Green (20%), Grant Shapps (20%) and Greg Clark (15%). The numbers add up to a lot more than 100% because respondents were each asked to nominate three tips for the top.

1,348 Tory members answered the survey from 25th to 26th August 2011.


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