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The Heffersaurus becomes hi-tech; Simon Heffer prepares to launch Daily Mail Blogs

By Tim Montgomerie
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Simon Heffer left The Telegraph in June. He's now back at his old stomping ground of the Daily Mail and from his new desk, just a few footsteps away from Paul Dacre, he is plotting his comeback.

The Mail is already the world's second most popular online newspaper and I understand that the Heffersaurus has become all hi-tech. He's weeks away from launching a new multi-authored blog that will aim for big audiences in Britain and, notably, America.

The new site will include powerful US commentary so that the Mail can tap into the lucrative advertising market on the other side of the Atlantic.

Mr Heffer won't be neglecting Britain, however, and that should worry at least two groups of people. Mr Heffer will be aiming to challenge the dominance of the hugely successful Telegraph group of blogs and he's in the process of poaching some of that group's biggest names. He'll also be gunning for the Cameroons. His regular broadsides against everything that emanates from Number 10 are set to resume - probably early next month but certainly in time for the party conference season.


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