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Enfield rioters used Golf GTIs, says Nick de Bois MP

By Tim Montgomerie
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I blogged on Friday why I didn't think it's necessary for the PM and Chancellor to rush back from their holidays. I stand by that piece. There's not much politicians can do by being here, rather than taking some time off with their families. Politicians should set strategy and leave operations to professionals. [The Chancellor is, after all, not exactly silent on the financial crisis. In a piece for today's Telegraph he hardens his position on the need for the €urozone to integrate fiscally.] In the wake of the Tottenham riots I would, however, agree that, in a TV age, it would be better if one of Clegg, Cameron, Osborne, May or Boris Johnson had been able to deliver soothing words to the nation. I agree with the Sunday Telegraph's Pat Hennessy: "I guarantee there won't be a single week between now and 2015 with Cam, Osborne and Clegg all on hols at same time."

62ltys One Tory who is definitely not on holiday is the Enfield North MP, Nick de Bois. He spent five hours last night walking the streets of his constituency, which was subject to copycat disturbances last night. I spoke to him a few minutes ago and he described the ugly nature of the protests. He talked of "organised criminality" with yobs talking to each other on mobile phones to arrange where they would go next in order to outwit the police. He told me how they moved into residential streets once the police got near and got into Golf GTIs to speed to their next act of riot.As with football hooligans of the past, poverty cannot be used as an explanation or excuse for riot.

Nick de Bois told me that social media (as I warned some time ago) had been particularly important in organising the protests. Twitter was describing trouble in Enfield at 5pm yesterday. There was none then but the Tweets became a self-fulfilling prophecy as criminals congregated in the borough to join other trouble makers.

There has been much criticism of the police in the last 24 hours and Melanie Phillips has a must-read piece today on why London needs a Met chief in the mould of New York's Bill Bratton. Nick de Bois paid tribute to the local police officers he saw in action last night. They were brave and very hard-working, he told me.

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