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Readers will know I'm often been a critic of Cameron. This is the best I've ever seen him. He's angry. He's determined. He's found his mission.

By Tim Montgomerie
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We'll get the video up as soon as possible (see below) so people who haven't seen it can see it for themselves but Cameron has just spoken again on the steps of Downing Street and gave his best performance since becoming Prime Minister.

There was anger that I didn't see yesterday. There was determination to rise to this challenge of widespread disorder - not just in passing but to find a national policing, welfare and social strategy to rebuild our society.

He said parts of Britain weren't just broken, but "sick". He expressed impatience with those civil libertarians who had "phony concerns about human rights" of looters. Water cannons were now on standby, he said. He promised the police, the courts and the prison services would have the resources to tackle these rioters.

There was not one single long-term solution to these problems but many. Better parenting, discipline in schools, work-not-welfare and better policing were all necessary.

I don't know what the Liberal Democrats will think of a change in direction but David Cameron's government has shown signs of drift recently. If he knits all of these new components together he will have found a purpose and a mission.

Matthew Update: Here is footage of the Prime Minister's speech:


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