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Tory backbencher Louise Mensch: The 1922 Committee doesn't speak for me or many of my colleagues

By Tim Montgomerie
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BAGSHAWE LOUISE NEW As I blog David Cameron is speaking to the 1922 Committee. I imagine 90%+ of backbenchers will be there. One MP who won't be there is Louise Mensch. This is what she said on Channel 4 News last night:

Jon Snow: Tomorrow... you’ll be in the 1922 committee, the backbench committee?

Louise Mensch: I won’t be.

JS: You won’t?

LM: I don’t rate the 1922. I think they tend to say that they speak for the backbenchers of the party and in my opinion that is not necessarily the case so I don’t plan on attending the ‘22.

JS: That is very interesting, because they have actually summoned the Prime Minister. Can they summon the Prime Minister?

LM: I think they’ve invited the Prime Minister who has agreed to appear. Clearly, I think it has had to be rescheduled a few times because events have overtaken us…

JS: I think this is the first time in my life that any Conservative MP has said to me: ‘I’m not going to go to the 1922, I don’t think it represents my views’.

LM: I think that’s a widely held view amongst members of my intake.

Some members of Team Cameron will be delighted at this. As part of 'Operation Castrate-The-Right' they are nervous about the very independent leadership of the current '22. Graham Brady, the Chairman, is seen to have played a straight bat but other leading members (including Brian Binley and Mark Pritchard) are not popular at Number 10. The next elections to the '22 could be very interesting.


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