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The salaries of Cameron's Downing Street advisers

By Tim Montgomerie
Follow Tim on Twitter. yesterday published the salaries of the political members of David Cameron's Number 10 operation:

  • Andrew Cooper, Polling and Strategy: £140,000
  • Craig Oliver, Communications: £140,000
  • Edward Llewellyn, Chief of Staff: £125,000
  • Kate Fall, Deputy Chief of Staff: £100,000
  • Steve Hilton, Policy and Strategy: £90,000
  • James O'Shaughnessy, Policy: £87,000
  • Gabby Bertin, Press Secretary: £80,000
  • Liz Sugg, Planning and Operations: £80,000
  • Patrick Rock: £78,000
  • Tim Chatwin, Policy and Strategy: £70,000
  • Rohan Silva, Policy and Strategy: £69,266
  • Michael Salter, Media: £65,000
  • Peter Campbell, Research: £60,000
  • Alan Sendorek, Media: £60,000.

The overall bill for Downing Street's twenty special advisers has fallen from £6.8 million under Labour to £4.5 million under the Coalition. I've always believed that's a false economy.


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