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The Conservatives spent £49,205,000 during 2010

By Matthew Barrett
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BALLOT BOX 1The Electoral Commission today released the financial accounts of all UK political parties and "accounting units". The figures are for the year ending 31st December 2010 and so cover the 2010 general election. The accounts give figures for gross income and total expenditure. 

  • The Conservatives had figures of £43,143,000 in income, and £49,205,000 in expenditure
  • The Conservatives in Northern Ireland (parties can be registered in GB or NI, but not both) had an additional £408,127 income and £391,359 expenditure
  • Labour took in £36,270,000 and spent £33,840,000.
  • However, the Co-operative Party (which stands joint "Labour Co-op" candidates) took in £1,079,285 and spent £1,049,290 - so Labour candidates had more campaign financing than the Labour figures alone
  • The Liberal Democrats had gross income of £9,637,354 and spent £9,973,077
  • The fourth and fifth-largest parties were the SNP and Sinn Fein, who spent nearly £2m and just over £1m, respectively
  • All other UK parties either received or spent less than £1m
The Electoral Commission also posted statements for accounting units with expenditure or income above £250,000. Accounting units are constituent or affiliated organisations of a party that are responsible for their own financial affairs and transactions. They were:
  • Conservative Party: Cities of London and Westminster
  • Conservative Party: Finchley and Golders Green
  • Conservative Party: Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham
  • Conservative Party: Surrey Heath
  • Conservative Party: Richmond Park
  • Labour Party: Trade Union Liaison Organisation
  • Labour Party: Scottish Labour Party
  • Liberal Democrats: Parliamentary Office of the Liberal Democrats
  • Liberal Democrats: England
  • Liberal Democrats: Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors
  • Liberal Democrats: Scottish Liberal Democrats
  • UK Independence Party (UK I P): United Kingdom Independence Party Limited
  • SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party): Parliamentary Assembly Group

 The full statements of accounts can be read here.


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