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In end-of-term message Cameron encourages supporters to be patient

By Tim Montgomerie
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There is irritation at the top of the Conservative Party at the impatience of the commentariat, in particular. Matthew d'Ancona has memorably called it the 'Are we there yet?' crowd. Why isn't the economy growing faster? Why haven't we toppled Gaddafi yet? Why is immigration still high? Our reforms won't work overnight, plead the Cameroons.

CAMERON-SIGNING The PM's end-of-term message encourages us to keep calm and give reforms the time they need. You can read Cameron's full email to supporters here but he argues that you should think of the government's overall mission under three headings:

  • First, we're doing what's right for our country in the long term, however difficult that may be today. Interstingly he emphasises public sector pensions reform under this heading.
  • Second, we're doing the right thing by decent, hard-working people. Here welfare reform and compensation for Equitable life holders get mentions.
  • And third, this is a government that is restoring Britain's standing in the world. The PM points to the deficit reduction programme, the Strategic Defence Review and the Libyan campaign as examples of this.

Finally he mentions Europe:

"We have also made good progress in meeting our promises to limit immigration and stop powers being passed from Britain to Brussels without a referendum, and we have severely limited Britain's exposure to future EU bailouts."


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