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Cameron needs to get on the telly, into people's living rooms and speak to the country about our newspaper industry and the police

By Tim Montgomerie
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Janet Daley makes a good point over at Telegraph blogs:

"David Cameron has answered (sort of) the questions that have been put to him at the end of press conferences or speeches which were convened to deal with other things. He has issued terse, formally worded statements which mean little or nothing. He has not faced the country and confronted head-on, with his face in full close-up, the questions that the people want answered."

It's very good advice. Cameron hasn't spoken to the nation about Hackgate in dedicated TV interviews. One-to-one TV is Cameron's best format - better than speeches, better than press conferences and better than parliamentary debates. He needs to get on TV soon so he can reassure voters that he's the right man to steer Britain through this unhappy process. He has a good story to tell but it's not being heard at the moment. Over to you Craig Oliver...


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