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Cameron may have been lucky with his opponents but events have certainly tested him

By Tim Montgomerie
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CAMERON-PENSIVE I've always thought that, on balance, Cameron has been lucky. He's certainly been lucky in his opponents. David Davis in the 2005 Tory leadership contest ran a very uninspiring and complacent campaign and he's never faced a serious competitor to his party leadership since. More significantly Cameron took over as Leader of the Opposition when Tory-killer Tony Blair was on the way out. He's since faced Brown and Miliband as Labour leaders. Neither come close to possessing the magic of Blair.

In today's Independent Steve Richards takes a different view. Arguing that events have been very unlucky for Cameron...

"Oddly, I suspect he would have won an overall majority were it not for the economic crisis that erupted in 2008, in which his inexperience as a young leader was tested to the limit, and he and George Osborne changed policy too many times and often with the wrong calls. Now, as Cameron noted yesterday in relation to politicians and the media, the music has stopped on his watch. In the dark silence all attention is on him, when it could have been on Tony Blair or Gordon Brown, two prime ministers who went out of their way to woo the mighty Murdoch and his powerful apparatchiks."*

Steve could also have mentioned the MPs' expenses crisis.

* Labour had ample opportunity to hold an inquiry into phone hacking when they were in power but chose not to.


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