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Anti-EU feelings are surging. 66% of Tory voters ready for Britain to leave the EU. Only 16% want to stay.

By Tim Montgomerie
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Something significant is happening with UK public opinion towards the EU. The more voters see of the European Union the less they like it. Bailouts, human rights laws* and rising budgets have seen net approval of the EU sink from -13% one year ago to -25% this year.

The overall survey results from an Angus Reid survey of more than 2,000 adults are as follows:

  • 57% say EU membership has been negative for the UK; 32% believe it has been positive;
  • 49% would vote to leave the EU in a referendum; 25% would vote to stay in;
  • 81% would vote against the UK adopting the euro; only 8% endorse this idea.

The poll finds that 66% of those who voted Conservative last May are against staying inside the EU. Only 16% support remaining members. Inspect the full tables here.

Sensing the shift in the public mood David Cameron told last week's Spectator that the €urozone crisis presented "opportunities" for Britain to renegotiate our relationship with Europe.

* Membership of the ECHR is a condition of EU membership.


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