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Tory members reject Scottish independence even though it would increase chances of Conservative majority

By Tim Montgomerie
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Posted below are the results of Tory members' answers to our questions on Scottish independence. It is encouraging to read that four times as many Tory members agree that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are better together.

It's more likely the English will get a Conservative government if Scotland becomes independent

88% agree / 6% disagree

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are better together

72% agree / 17% disagree

It's likely that the Scottish people will vote to leave the UK

67% agree / 14% disagree

Rather than wait until Alex Salmond thinks he can win an independence referendum the Coalition government in Westminster should instigate a referendum now and resolve the issue immediately

53% agree / 35% disagree

If the UK is to be saved we need a cross-party campaign involving people like Gordon Brown, Annabel Goldie and David Steel

44% agree / 42% disagree

Devolution has put Scotland on a conveyor belt to independence

55% agree / 29% disagree


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