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Posters of Lenin, Obama and THIS adorn Michael Gove's office...

By Tim Montgomerie
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This week's Spectator includes an interview with Michael Gove. I was concerned to read that the Education Secretary has a poster of Obama on his wall (although I readily concede that the 44th American president's best policies cover schools). I communicated my alarm to his office in a jokey email and was sent the picture of another poster that adorns Mr Gove's office...


That almost redeemed him (and there's also a D-Day poster) although Black Dog has previously reported that a poster of Lenin also adorns the Secretary of State's office. Did Ed Balls leave it behind? No. The leader of the 1917 Russian revolution was Gove's choice:

"The Education Secretary has erected a large portrait of Lenin on his office wall, a relic of a youthful trip to the USSR. Gove believes Lenin was the first to coin the jarring mantra ‘education, education, education’ and is determined to wrestle credit for the slogan away from Tony Blair."


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