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David Cameron is like a Mazda MX5; slick, good at snappy U-turns but doesn't sell well in the North

By Tim Montgomerie
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Labour's Project Volvo had noted that Mr Brown, like allegedly the Swedish-made cars, was 'dependable, robust but ultimately dour'. Volvo UK were unimpressed and responded in style:

"Clearly before labelling the plot, Labour politicians of the time hadn't acquainted themselves with the Volvo brand in the last decade with cars like the new S60 and V60 bringing a new dimension to the brand in terms of design and driver appeal. Peter Rask, Regional President of Volvo Car UK, Ireland and Iceland, said: "If only the Labour party had been like today's Volvos - dynamic, agile and innovative - perhaps the UK economy would have been in a better place than it finds itself today!"

In the News of the World Fraser Nelson is inspired to compare other leading politicians to cars...

Screen shot 2011-06-12 at 07.39.28

  • "David Cameron: Mazda MX5 Slick, snappy U-turns, doesn't sell well in the North
  • Nick Clegg: DeLorean DMC Once wanted by all. Now, loved by only a handful of collectors
  • Chris Huhne: Bugatti Veyron Top speed 253mph, fast enough to dodge M11 cameras
  • Ed Miliband: Toyota Prius Very right-on, and not bad-looking. But no acceleration, or drive. At its best when parked.
  • Yvette Cooper: Golf GTI Looks bland, but isn't. Manoeuvrable, durable, loads of horsepower. Don't bet against her".

Read Fraser's full column (£).

So... which other car/politician comparisons can readers suggest?


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