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Another Buckinghamshire Conservative Association put its money where its mouth is on High Speed Rail

By Jonathan Isaby
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Railway line Last November we revealed Chesham and Amersham Conservative Association - the seat of Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan - had left the "Premier League" of local associations which donate £10,000 to CCHQ in protest at the plans for high speed rail, which would be built through the constituency (ConHome has already covered this morning the exchange in the chamber yesterday involving Gillan on the issue).

In January we reported that the Association in Aylesbury - the seat of Europe minister David Lidington - had followed suit.

I now learn that a third association in Buckinghamshire with a high profile MP is in revolt over the issue of HS2.

The Executive of the Tory association in Beaconsfield, represented by Attorney General Dominic Grieve, has in the last few days voted to donate funds to the anti-HS2 campaign, which may mean supporting a judicial review against the HS2 scheme.

I gather that a number of voices at the meeting wanted to deny funds to CCHQ altogether, but that the association chairman persuaded them not to press that issue at this stage.

Whilst Chesham and Amersham's concerns arise out of the route dissecting the constituency, I understand that Beaconsfield's concerns relate more to the view that HS2 is not a good use of taxpayers' money rather than environmental concerns - although if HS2 were extended to Heathrow, it would most likely go through Beaconsfield.

The move is significant because the Beaconsfield association has consistently been the largest constituency Association donor to party coffers and in the last two years has given over £100,000 to CCHQ, as well directly employing staff in nearby marginal seats.

Additionally, I am also hearing, but yet to get official confirmation, that Buckingham Conservative Association has withdrawn funding  from CCHQ.

> Recently ConHome has carried pieces from both sides of the HS2 debate:


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