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Welsh Conservatives pin hopes on pledge to reverse Labour's NHS cuts

By Tim Montgomerie

Nick Bourne:

"Welsh Conservatives are the only party committed to protecting Wales' NHS budget. We have consistently opposed Labour's plans to slash the NHS budget by £1billion over the next three years. Because the NHS is our number one priority, we have taken the tough decisions about where we would save money so we can afford to protect NHS funding. The Assembly has a fixed budget so spending is a question of priorities.  We are prioritising spending on our NHS so it can respond more quickly, more effectively and more efficiently to the needs of patients. We will protect NHS staff, invest in new treatments and eliminate postcode lotteries in services across Wales to help improve patient care. We all rely on our NHS in times of greatest need.  The NHS is safe in our hands because we all need the security of knowing that we are safe in the hands of the NHS."

Read the full manifesto of the Welsh party.



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