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Twitter killed live blogging

By Tim Montgomerie

ConservativeHome will be blogging tonight but it won't be the frenetic service of yesteryears. We'll be providing a rolling record of major developments but that'll be it. Why? Twitter.

Before Twitter a blog was the best place to record the unfolding developments of a big event but the collective wisdom of Twitter does it better. We therefore recommend you click on this page if you don't have your own Twitter account. It's my selection of the 115 best political voices who tweet. Together they produce the sweetest and best inforned political chorus in Britain. Don't just tune in for coverage and insight into tonight's developments. Bookmark the page. It's a treasure trove that never stops giving!

Lots to look forward to on ConservativeHome over the coming days including my 5,000 word inside story of the AV campaign. Twitter is great but some things need more than 140 characters.


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