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Tories send fundraising letter to 300,000 homes and roadtest key messages

By Tim Montgomerie


A fundraiser mailing from CCHQ has just gone out to 300,000 homes. Mine arrived on Thursday. It places David Cameron in the Churchill and Thatcher tradition of Conservatism:

"Winston Churchill promised to "set the people free". Margaret Thatcher said there was "almost nothing" that the British people could not do. And today's Conservatives are saying loudly that we believe in the British people and our power to build a better future together."

Including a brief anti-AV message, the leaflet summarises the four big battles that the Coalition is fighting:
  1. The Economy: "We took urgent action to bring Britain back from the brink of bankruptcy, and have put in place a tough but fair plan to reduce the deficit and get our economy going again."
  2. Welfare: "We believe that work should always pay - and our welfare reforms will end the benefits culture that has existed in this country for too long. Our measures will mean that no family will get more through benefits than the average family earns by working."
  3. Schools: "We are massively expanding the Academies programme, giving headteachers much greater freedom over the curriculum, pay and conditions for staff, the length of the school day and term, school budgets and the extent of collaboration with outside organisations. On top of this, we are improving the quality of teaching, restoring discipline, raising standards, empowering teachers and closing the gap between the richest and poorest pupils." Note: it's the massive expansion of academies rather than free schools which is Gove's flagship reform.
  4. Immigration: "We aim to cut net migration from hundreds of thousands a year to tens of thousands." "We aim" rather than "We promise" is the small nod in the direction of the Liberal Democrats who insist this is not Coalition policy.


The other big message of the fundraising leaflet is anti-Labour and attempts to bind the two Red Eds to the Brown years:

"Ed Balls and Ed Miliband were key figures in New Labour. They were economic advisers to Gordon Brown, and were therefore partly responsible for bringing Britain to the brink of bankruptcy... Their legacy is £120 million a day being spent just on the interest on their debt - more than we spend on schools, defence or the police."

Worse than that, continues the leaflet, there has been no apology or change of direction from the Labour leadership:

"They refuse to admit we were living beyond our means - and now have no credible plan to deal with the deficit. In fact, they would risk doing it all over again."


PS The Tory logo now, it seems, is not green. It only appears in union flag colours (as in this fundraising leaflet).


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