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Miserable, voiceless Clegg sits through a PMQs listening to Miliband attack him on tuition fees and Cameron lavish praise on Tory councils

By Tim Montgomerie

Not a memorable PMQs and so I won't detain you for long.

On the eve of tomorrow's local, Scottish and Welsh elections both main leaders focused on their big campaign themes:

  • For Ed Miliband it was falling police numbers, the Coalition's broken promises (particularly on tuition fees) and Cameron not giving straight answers to any of his questions.
  • For David Cameron it was Conservative councils cost you less but, because they are more efficient, they give you better services. Tory backbenchers queued up to praise their local councils and to get the PM's endorsement for them. This rightly was described as Town Hall Questions. Cameron - again - praised Conservatives in Wales and their flagship pledge to reverse £1 billion of cuts to the principality's health system that have been proposed by the Labour/Plaid coalition in Cardiff.

Despite the fact we are on the eve of an historic referendum Ed Miliband didn't make the case for his beloved AV. Perhaps he realises the cause is lost. It's certainly defeated inside his parliamentary party where more than half of his MPs are publicly backing No.

Screen shot 2011-05-04 at 12.11.30

Clegg looked miserable throughout the exchanges as he had to listen to Ed Miliband attacking his policy u-turns and Cameron praising Tory councils. According to Tweeters Chris Huhne was expression-less.

About eighteen hours until polls open. 36 hours until the Coalition faces up to the aftermath of the AV campaign.


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