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David Cameron: "I think we fought a strong campaign."

by Paul Goodman

He says the following in a statement on the Party's website:

"The Conservative vote share has held up and I think that is because Conservative councils and councillors have done a good job up and down the country providing quality services and keeping their costs and their tax bills under control."

"I also think we fought a strong campaign explaining why we need to take difficult decisions to sort out the mess we inherited from Labour."

The statement adds:

"In council seats Labour need to be winning in, they failed to pick up support and are even slipping back:

  • Dartford:  Conservatives Gain 5,  Lab lose 3
  • Rochdale: Conservatives  Gain 2
  • Stockport: Conservatives Gain 2
  • Trafford: Conservatives Hold against all expectations
  • Barnsley: Conservatives Hold all seats
  • Doncaster: Conservatives Hold all seats
  • Erewash: Conservatives Hold (this was a safe Labour council from 1991-2003)."


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