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SIX TIMES as many voters think Conservatives are prepared to take tough decisions than Labour

By Tim Montgomerie

Reading this blog by Alex Massie I came across these YouGov numbers on how voters see the three main parties on four interesting judgments.

The numbers add to my belief (set out recently here) that there are some big weaknesses in Labour's underlying position - whatever the headline voting intention numbers say (Labour is 6% ahead in the latest survey).

The most worrying number for Ed Miliband is that nearly six times as many voters thing Conservatives will take tough decisions. In these tough times that matters.

Worryingly for Nick Clegg the Liberal Democrats score very badly on all four measures - even on tough decisions where they don't seem to be getting credit for sharing the austerity era with the Tories.

And worryingly for all of the political parties 36% of voters don't think any of the parties are led by people of real ability.



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