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The Camerons go for The Killing

Tim Montgomerie

Over at The Spectator David Blackburn has done a good job of summarising the main points of David Cameron's Telegraph interview. David is right to emphasise that Cameron is in get-out-the-vote mode; offering reassuring messages to naturally-inclined Conservatives.

Samantha Cameron #2

One thing David misses is Cameron's revelation that he and Samantha have spent hours in bed watching the 20 hour long Danish thriller, The Killing...

“It’s our idea of relaxation. I think it’s just brilliant... We should be making more television like that in this country. Isn’t Lund [the female detective] wonderful? Lund rather reminds me of Samantha. Lund and Samantha are very cool.”

I can only agree with David Cameron. The Killing is must watch TV.


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