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Morning coat or lounge suit?

12.45pm: Ben Brogan reports that the PM will wear tails!

Tim Montgomerie

I'm going to turn to the big issue this morning: Does it matter what David Cameron wears to the Royal Wedding?

In today's Telegraph, Bruce Anderson thinks it does:

"Most decent people – and not only Tories – would expect the Prime Minister to be properly dressed for a state occasion. By refusing to follow the rules, what is he trying to convey? Is it idleness, contempt for tradition, or merely a lack of self-confidence: a feeling that the voters would resent his tailcoat’s echoes of Eton and the Bullingdon?"

Sarah Sands in the London Evening Standard warns Cameron that he could be out-dressed by David Beckham:

"The reported decision by David Cameron to avoid a morning suit is maddeningly vain and self-conscious, if true. For a man who says it does not matter where you come from, Cameron is tiresomely obsessed with disguising his background. I bet David Beckham wears a morning suit, and looks grand. Frankly, Cameron never looked handsomer than in the Bullingdon Club photograph. If the bride can put such effort into her dress, the least the PM can do is to tog up in top hat and tails."

The Mail, meanwhile, reports that "Samantha is also rumoured to be intending to break with tradition at the wedding by not wearing a hat." Gosh!!

Boris, btw, is wearing traditional morning coat.


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