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CCHQ launches another offensive in the fight against AV

Picture 6 By Jonathan Isaby

With less than three weeks until the referendum, today sees a variety of senior party figures getting the anti-AV message out there in the media - not least because postal voting is now getting underway:

  • David Cameron himself has written in the Express, reminding readers, amongst other things, that AV is being promoted by the same people who a decade a go wanted Britain to dump the pound and join the euro;
  • Home Secretary Theresa May is interviewed by the Daily Mail, pushing the message AV would not increase participation in the democratic process - but actually risks increasing the number of spoilt ballot papers;
  • Party co-chairman Baroness Warsi is quoted in The Sun warning that AV could lead to compulsory voting in Britain; and 
  • The recently-ennobled Downtown Abbey creator Julian Fellowes uses an op-ed in The Times (£) to highlight the unfairness of how AV counts the ballots of those who vote for fringe or extremist parties four, five or six times.

Meanwhile, CCHQ has produced a glossy new leaflet in the "lifestyle magazine" format (the front page of which is the graphic above) which will be delivered to homes up and down the country from today.

You can click here to download the whole leaflet, but below I have reproduced a couple of its pages, including an excellent rebuttal of the myths being put out by the pro-AV campaign and the comparison of the two systems featured on the back page.

Picture 7
Picture 8


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