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Like Arnie, IPSA will be back

by Paul Goodman

IPSA recently announced a package of reforms.  I wrote in the aftermath that it was too much for the media and not enough for MPs, but that the latter wouldn't be inclined to make waves during the run-up to the local elections and the AV referendum (rightly).

I don't want to give the impression that the weekly meeting of the 1922 Committee is obsessed with the matter, but it duly consumed a chunk of the proceedings yesterday evening when the Prime Minister addressed the meeting.

I gather that David Cameron claimed some of the credit for the changes, presenting himself as a man who'd taken some media bullets for his colleagues in the course of doing so.  This raised a few eyebrows since, as we reported at the time, the trigger for the review was a Commons debate.

There were several sceptical questions and points from the floor - from Adam Afriyie (who wrote on the matter here yesterday), Nadine Dorries and Edward Leigh, among others.  One source described the meeting as a "score draw" - meaning that the matter won't be pressed with the leadership now, but will later.

When?  Probably when the local elections are over and the next tranche of office expenses are released.  The essence of the matter is simple.  Many MPs want a system that isn't a Morton's Fork - meaning that they either claim, and are compared unfavourably to their neighbours, or don't claim, and are left out of pocket.

The star turn at last night's meeting was, as previously reported, Arnie Schwarzenegger, and his closing cry of "I'll be back".  He might have added: "And so will IPSA".


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