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David Cameron would like you to sit in the dark from 8.30pm tonight

Tim Montgomerie

David Cameron recorded the video message in advance of tonight's Earth Hour, when people around the world are encouraged to turn off the lights and save the planet.

I have to apologise to the PM but I'm planning to catch up on recordings of The Killing tonight on a wide screen TV.

In today's Times Lord Lawson warned the Coalition that George Osborne's green policies were a threat to the economic recovery:

"Raising the cost of energy to British business — of which the latest example was his announcement that “today we become the first country in the world to introduce a carbon price floor for the power sector” — is nothing less than an anti-growth strategy. At the very least this, and all anti- carbon measures that the Government is embracing, should be put into suspense until a binding global decarbonisation agreement has been concluded, for two compelling reasons. First, unilateral UK action, in the absence of a global agreement, is futile in climate terms. And second, the only effect is to put British industry, in particular manufacturing, at an increasing competitive disadvantage."

Read the former Chancellor's full piece (£) in which he also warned against merging income tax and NI but concluded that, overall, "economic policy is firmly on the right lines".


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