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David Cameron enjoys his audience with the 4.5 million viewers of BBC1's One Show

Tim Montgomerie

Craig Oliver may not have done a good job with the newspaper briefing on Prince Andrew but he can allow himself a celebratory pint after Cameron's performance on BBC1's One Show.  If you want to know how well it went you only have to read the jealous tweets from Alastair Campbell (here) and Kevin Maguire (here). Truth be told, the interview was as syrupy as whatever was on the pancakes that the PM told viewers he cooked for his children this morning. There were no follow up questions. Cameron was able to talk about freezing council tax, raising the income tax threshold and imposing a £2 billion supertax on banks. He gave another unmissable hint that petrol duty will be cut. He talked about the relative merits of using an owl or cat to kill the Downing Street rat. When asked about rodents in his house he joked that the presenter shouldn't talk about the Cabinet like that. It was Cameron at his relaxed best but there is probably a happier medium between this format and Jeremy Paxman.

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