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CCHQ sends out new anti-AV booklet to activists

by Paul Goodman

Screen shot 2011-03-12 at 11.09.56

Tim suggested when CCHQ released its original anti-AV postcards almost a month ago that they evaded a key issue.  "The elephant in the room is power that AV gives to Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats," he wrote.  "The elephant must be put centre stage."

CCHQ has now sent an anti-AV booklet to local Associations.  It's nicely produced and reiterates the main arguments set out in the postcards - AV isn't used in many places, the winner doesn't win, the referendum's a waste of money - but the elephant in room remains resolutely unaddressed.

I can spot one postcard/poster that we didn't put up when they were originally released, and have posted it above.  A link to the whole document can be found here.


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