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What are this Government's moral principles?

Tim Montgomerie

Yesterday I began a series arguing that Conservatives must battle for the moral high ground. And I promised to, today, set out some moral principles that should - and do - underpin this Cameron-led government. They shouldn't just exist for private reflection but should be communicated at every opportunity.

The principles below are not exhaustive but what do you think of them and what would you add?

It is immoral for one generation to borrow so much that it leaves the next generation in impossible debt.

The state should never take a penny from hard-working families in compulsory taxation until it is convinced that, first, the money it already has taken is spent properly and, second, the purpose for that money cannot be undertaken better by some other local or private organisation.

The materialistic state can never look after children as well as a loving mother and father, and it should never weaken the natural bonds that tie families together.

Work should always pay much better than benefits.

Strong, compassionate societies are built on the aspiration to learn, work, save, give and build families. Government must honour those aspirations or our society will decline.


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