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Grassroots give support to muscular liberalism, Big Society and HiSpeed rail

Tim Montgomerie

In other posts we examine the standing of the Cabinet and the issue of a 40% turnout threshold for AV but pasted below are some other key findings from the latest ConHome poll of Tory members:

  • Forests: 52% say forest privatisation should be stopped. 31% say it should carry on. More in The Sunday Telegraph.
  • Petrol price: 74% say George Osborne should cut fuel duty in the Budget
  • EU membership: 64% say The next Tory manifesto should include a pledge to hold a referendum on whether Britain should stay in, or leave, the EU.
  • Lords reform: 66% agree The House of Lords works as it is and does not need to be replaced with an elected chamber.
  • Big Society: 50% agree The Big Society is a good idea and deserves to be one of the Government's top four priorities. 32% disagree.
  • HiSpeed Rail: 51% agree High Speed Rail will be good for the environment and good for spreading economic wealth across the whole of the UK. 34% disagree.
  • Muscular liberalism: 93% agree David Cameron is right to equate Islamist extremists with racists. 4% disagree.


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