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David Davis teams up with Jack Straw to oppose votes-for-prisoners

Tim Montgomerie

Jail Vote More as soon as I get it but David Davis, former Shadow Home Secretary, has teamed up with Jack Straw, former Home Secretary, to table a motion via the new backbench business committee that will oppose any voting rights for prisoners.

The Coalition frontbench has proposed voting rights for prisoners serving sentences of four years or less. On 30th December, Paul Goodman predicted it was a car-crash-in-waiting.

If, as expected, the Davis/straw motion gets parliamentary time it will almost certainly be preferred by a majority of the Commons to the Coalition option.

12.45pm David Davis to PoliticsHome: "There are two main issues here. First is whether or not it is moral or even decent to give the vote to rapists, violent offenders or sex offenders. The second is whether it is proper for the European court to overrule a Parliament."


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