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83% of Tory voters would support a Coalition candidate but only 32% of Lib Dem voters would do the same

Tim Montgomerie

I cannot remember this having been done before but Angus Reid has asked voters which party they would support if the Tories and Lib Dems combined as a Coalition Party against Labour.

The result is that Labour would score 45% and the Coalition would win the support of 38% of voters.

Angus Reid finds normal voting intention as Labour 40%, Conservatives 35%, LDs 12% and UKIP 5%.

So if the Lib Dems and Tories join together they lose supporters while Labour gain supporters.

More from Angus Reid here:

"The main hindrance for the unified Coalition party—if it ever materialises—would be the patent disappointment from Liberal Democrat supporters. While the merged party would hold on to four-in-five voters who cast a ballot for a Conservative candidate in 2010 (83%), only one third of Liberal Democrat voters in 2010 (32%) would support a joint Tory/Lib-Dem candidate. In fact, almost half of them (46%) would vote for Labour instead."


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