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Vote on repeal of hunting ban unlikely before 2012

Tim Montgomerie

The Independent on Sunday reports that a vote on repealing the hunting ban is very unlikely in 2011 and may not even occur in 2012.

The Government does not want to appear distracted from the economic situation and nor does Downing Street want to give another impression that Conservative priorities are driving the Coalition. Most Liberal Democrats support the existing ban although there are some, including Nick Harvey, representing North Devon, who believe the current law is flawed.

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There is also now an organised group within the Conservative Party that opposes foxhunting and, furthermore, wants to keep the ban. Conservatives Against Fox Hunting define their mission on their website:

"Our Nation has a proud history of pioneering higher animal  welfare standards and an intolerance of unnecessary cruelty. We cannot be expected to influence other countries policies on whaling, bull fighting and big game trophy hunting etc if we are seen internationally, to overturn a ban  set in place to ban cruelty in hunting wild mammals with dogs."

Five new MPs asre among CAFH's supporters: Mike Weatherly, Simon Kirby, Richard Harrington, Caroline Dineage and Sarah Wollaston.


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