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"No one in the Coalition will trust Vince Cable now"

Tim Montgomerie

What pundits are saying about Saint Sinner Vince:

Benedict Brogan says noone will trust Cable now: "The Coalition is built on a remarkable degree of trust not just between David Cameron and Nick Clegg, but between Conservatives and Liberal Democrats at senior levels. This morning that trust has a Cable sized dent in it. The Business Secretary’s colleagues will conclude that he is not a man to go tiger shooting with. The Coalition will have to consider whether it can carry on with a senior figure who believes himself to be more important than the government."

Iain Martin is amazed at Vince's indiscretion: "What on earth did Vince Cable think he was doing being so frank with two people he had never met who turned up in his constituency?"

Mark Pack at LibDemVoice worries about The Telegraph's methods: "In addition to the political substance of the report, it does also raise a question about journalistic ethics – is a sting operation in which journalists try to fool someone by faking personalities acceptable in cases where there is no allegation of law breaking?"

Angela Harbutt asks if Clegg will read the riot act: "If I were Nick I would tell you to sling your hook. I doubt he will. Not because he is weak. But because I think he knows your value. Do you ? Or have your forgotten ? I am guessing that Nick will tell you that this is your ”AABF” ( absolutely absolutely bloody final) warning."

And final word to Peter Hoskin: "How many more ministers have been visited by "constituents" they've never met before, and spoken as freely as the Business Secretary has?"


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