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Concerned at misunderstandings of fees policy, CCHQ launches myth-busting website

Screen shot 2010-12-08 at 11.55.25 Click here.

Ben Howlett, Chairman of Conservative Future, commented:

“I have been struck by the level of misinformation about what the Government is proposing.  Students won’t pay anything up-front and won’t pay a penny until they earn £21,000.  And when they do start paying, they will pay back £45 less every month than they do now, while the least well off will pay back less in total than they currently do. Students deserve better than the irresponsible myth-making we have seen in recent weeks. Conservative Future will be helping make the facts clear in the days and months ahead.”

PS One thing missing from the otherwise simple and effective website is a facility that would collect email addresses. CCHQ should never launch a website that doesn't have some sort of contacts collector.

Download CCHQ's Tuition Fees leaflet.


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