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All Party Islamophobia Group "to dispense with the services of Engage"

by Paul Goodman

Martin Bright has the story: the proposed All-Party Group on Islamophobia is to have a new Secretariat.  It is "to dispense with the services of Engage" - at least, if the advice of Kris Hopkins, its Conservative Chair, and Greville Janner, its Labour Vice-Chair, is heeded.

They've taken the right decision.  It's hard to imagine any sensible Parliamentarians not heeding it.  So the right replacement's now needed. The MPs and Peers involved will doubtless feel, as will others, that it's essential to find an credible, expert and dispassionate secretariat as soon as possible.

When people part company in politics, they often do so quietly, as they do elsewhere in life.  Why's it otherwise in this case?  Not, apparently, because the MPs and Peers felt that they had to make a point.  But, rather, because Engage wouldn't agree that the future of the inquiry should be paramount, and thus go quietly.

I've written before about why this decision's an important one for Parliamentarians, and there's no need to go over it all again.  But a mystery remains: who suggested the proposed secretarial arrangement in the first place?  The answer's yet to be found.


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