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Where have all the Obamacons gone?

By Tim Montgomerie

Remember the Obamacons? Iain Dale. Dan Hannan. Nick Bourne. Alan Duncan. Iain Martin. Esther McVey. Platform 10. At the height of the Obama boom, a ConHome poll of Tory candidates found that half supported the Republicans and half the Democrats. The long friendship between the Conservatives and Republicans appeared to be in decline.

Well, today, it seems to be back. The poll we carried out over the weekend asked "If you had a vote in Tuesday's US elections would you vote Democrat or Republican?"

64% said Republican and just 17% said Democrat. The rest were don't knows.

Two years of massive spending by the US Democrats appear to have convinced most UK Tories that their natural allies are, despite the excesses of some of its members, the GOP.

Full coverage of the US elections in the morning. Will America's 44th President get the comeuppance that this cinematic video promises?


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